Proffieboard stuck in bootloader mode

Hi all, working on an install that has mostly been trouble free. Saber was working fine, but I’ve been messing with it non-stop of course.

Lately, and it’s a weird issue to try and recreate, when I plug in the board or pop in a battery, it won’t play the boot sound, change font, or fire up. If plugged into the computer, STM32 shows up under devices, I get the USB connection sound, but I can’t select the port in arduino, or see the board as proffieboard. However, I can compile and upload the sketch, without having to manually put the board into bootloader mode. That issue leads me to believe it’s powering on into bootloader mode by itself.

After uploading the sketch, the board shows up as proffieboard, makes the boot sound, it’ll switch fonts, fire up, etc… As soon as I remove power, and either plug it back in or pop in a battery, nothing. Acts like it’s in bootloader mode again. Shows up right away as STM32, but that’s it. I’ve tried resetting it, or unplugging/plugging in the USB, and maybe 1 out of 10-20 times it’ll play the boot sound and show up as a proffieboard.

Both reset and boot buttons seem to be functioning OK, I can feel them click, so I don’t think it’s a stuck button. No solder across either that I can see so it shouldn’t be shorted. I have another known good board here that acts fine 100% of the time when plugging it in. I’ve formatted and reinstalled to the SD already, tried other configs, even updated to the latest proffieOS. Nothing’s changed so far.

Any ideas?

Have you tried measuring the boot button with a multimeter?

Welp, it’s reading what it should be reading when open (0 ohms, no continuity) now, because it’s working as expected, haha. In a last ditch effort, I soaked the board in IPA and scrubbed it clean. After drying it off and providing power, either through USB or battery, it works fine.

To be fair, this little board has been put through the ringer, multiple wires being soldered and desoldered, a fried number 3 FET when I totally didn’t insert the battery backwards…

I’ll update the thread if the problem returns, hopefully we’re good to go now.

Maybe a little solder bit got stuck somewhere and shorted it?

Might have, I had it under the magnifier and couldn’t see anything…but these eyes aren’t getting any younger so who knows :upside_down_face:

The other option is a strand of copper from a wire somewhere…