Proffieboard slow/crashing with COB strip

Proffieboard is slow/crashes

I’m building my first saber, I’m still testing everything on the table and not in any hilt.
I decided to use a COB RGB strip instead of a regular 144 led ws2812b. This means this strip has 240 LEDs when cut to fit my blade.

When I first uploaded the sketch to my proffieboard I used the 144led strio and everything worked fine, the clash sounds, humming sound, everything.

I compiled again changing the pixel count to 240 and the cob strip is BEAUTIFUL. Very bright, very even light, can’t wait to glue the second one and light it up.

There’s only one problem: the board crashes or gets really slow (laggy?) when I trigger the clash sound by hitting the table or gently tap on the board. The blueish flashes occur but after a few the board gets slow and on a few occasions, stopped responding.

Any ideas?

240 LEDs really isn’t that many. This sounds to me like something is either configured very wrong or you’ve got a bad SD card… and I’d be more inclined to believe the latter.

Connect to your proffieboard via the Serial Monitor and run sdtest and post back what that shows.

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I basically changed the pixel count to 240 and max led number and compiled it again. All effects work, just start to get slow if triggered too quickly.
I tried another SD card already, I got a SanDisk class 10 16gb to replace the old one, same result.
I will run the test asap and post here.

Sounds good. Yeah, that definitely sounds like an SD card issue. It might not even be the actual SD card, but fragmented data and poor formatting can also cause big issues. If you’re on macOS all the hidden resource files can also cause issues.

is maxLedsPerStrip set to 240?
have you tried compiling with optimization?
Do you have a large and complicated blade style? (Have you tried a simpler one?)

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Anecdotally, the 3.9 board flashed using fastest optimization seems to handle large LED count blades better than the 2.2 running smallest code optimization. Just my limited experience with KR v1 pixel sticks and the newer tritium strip. But I have no experience with the type of blade strip you are using.

“fastest” is a lot better on a V2.2 board as well, but without the extra memory on the V3 board, it’s not always possible to use “fastest”.

Thank you all for the tips, the problem was my battery.
I was using a 12000Mah 18650 battery from an old project but it is faaaar from capable of delivering the juice needed for this amount of LEDs.
I bought a Q30 battery (those with 15A) and without changing anything else, it works like a charm.
Thank you all once again