Proffieboard shows up in both Arduino and under Devices on Windows 11 but no icon appears on taskbar

I just started working with my Proffieboard this week because I wanted to adjust the volume setting in my config file, and after following several of the tutorial vidoes commonly posted here I was able to get my board connected and as far as I can tell it flashed successfully. However, when my board is connected no icon pops up in the hidden icons area in my taskbar like you’d expect when something is plugged into the USB port which is how I’d normally be able to safely eject the hardware. I can find the proffieboard when I navigate to Bluetooth and Devices > Devices as well as under ports in Device Manager, and it shows up under ports in Arduino too so I know my computer recognizes the board. My concern however is that I can’t safely eject the board before unplugging it and I’m unsure whether the issue is related to Windows 11 specifically which I’ve heard sometimes has similar issues with other USB devices, or if I’m still missing a required driver somewhere.

I hope my newbie rambling here makes sense, and thanks in advance for any advice.

You only need to eject if you selected USB Type with “Mass Storage” when uploading. If not, then the SD is not accessed through the board so there’s nothing to eject.

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Gotcha, so if I’m understanding correctly you’re referring to when I’m in Arduino and navigate to Tools > USB type and can select Serial, Serial + Mass Storage, etc correct? In that case I should just select Serial and I can unplug safely when the upload is complete?

Correct. The board is a serial device. It’s the same as unplugging a printer USB cable. There’s no ejecting.
If you upload with “Mass Storage” option enabled, then the SD card is mounted as a storage device like any external USB drive. That’s what you should eject safely.

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Okay awesome, thanks so much for clarifying!