Proffieboard saber as USB game controller for VR?

A few years ago there was a star wars toy that gave you a lightsaber hilt and a weird head mount you could slip your phone into to make a ghetto VR setup. Came with a lightsaber game. Hasbro made it, I think. Anyway, what if we could use high quality sabers as game controllers like that, for pc games? Clearly they already have the power and accelerometers, so what would they need beyond that? Would Bluetooth be fast enough, or would they need a higher frequency, higher power radio, and if so, could such a radio be added on as a separate board in the hilt?

What do you guys think?

Bluetooth would be fast enough.
VR controllers require absolute positioning though, which is usually done with IR leds and cameras.

Well, there’s an open source implementation of a TrackIR-like head tracking unit, so I bet that with a blade plug with an IR LED, a couple accessory LEDs around the emitter, and a couple in the pommel, someone could get a decent positioning setup going….

Using blade plugs for additional features seems to be the thing right now.

Makes sense. See an empty hole, think of stuff to stick in it, am I right?