Proffieboard restarts over and over

“After plugging in the battery to my board it works fine, I even let it sit for a while and nothing happened. When I powered it on and swung it around for a bit, it rebooted, and the reboots started to happen more exponentially, happening every second or so. only fix is to remove battery.”

I haven’t messed with any of the hardware, I know nothing of soldering. I have not attempted to fix this issue.

My Config file:

This seems like it would be a hardware issue rather than a software issue.
I guess the first question is: Is the battery charged?
It could also be a short, a bad battery, or a corrupt SD card.

I have other neopixel lightsabers and have traded batteries, same problem. I think SD card could be a good bet, ill switch it out with another one and see what happens.

I forgot to ask: Does anything get hot? (on the proffieboard, or elsewhere)

New SD card reformatted and added with same contents has done nothing and so has swapping batteries. The board gets hot, but I’m not sure if its normal or too hot.

Oh, and the speaker started scratching when swung.

It’s not normal for the board to get hot.
Can you tell which component on the board that is getting hot?

Comes from this general area.

That’s the main CPU, and when it gets hot, that’s a bad thing.
It may be that there is a short somewhere that is causing the heat, and removing the short may make the problem go away.
However, it’s possible that the short (or some short in the past) has permanently damaged the cpu, and if that’s the case, it’s never going to get better.

I’ve never messed with electronics / soldering so this is where I stop I think. Is there any tips I could get to prevent this from happening again? thanks

Most of the time, this sort of damage is caused by shorts or static electricity.
Static electricity problems can be avoided by touching something grounded before touching the electronics.
Avoiding shorts is a matter of being careful, and leaving no exposed wires sticking out anywhere, and make sure that the blade pogo pins don’t connect to the blade in a weird angle. (Never ever try to line up the pogo pins with the blade manually, that has caused many, many problems.)

A well constructed saber will make it very hard to cause shorts.

it was a proffieboard in a lgt looking core. i probably caused the problem figuring out how to get it to work.