Proffieboard not showing up in 'Port' on ProffieOS

So I have my saber that has a ProffieBoard v2.2 in it and I’ve changed the fonts and styles on it many times. But each time I want to add a style to the saber, I connect my saber to my pc with a micro usb cable with the sd card in it and I’ll get the sound that it’s been connected but I have to manually press the boot reset buttons on the board in order to upload my config to the board. The first time I tried to add a blade style to my saber I originally had the Proffieboard V2 option in the ports but I must have messed something up with Zadig when I tried to apply the drivers because like i said before now the proffieboard doesnt show up in the ports. Is there any way to save myself some trouble and make it so when i connect my saber to my pc I dont have to hit the boot reset buttons everytime for it to work?

Try uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling via Zadig?

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