ProffieBoard not recognized by Zadig, H drive opens and closes

Not sure if there is a problem with the board or the cable, or if this is normal for Proffie.

When I connect the cable to my computer, it says something completely muffled and unintelligible, seems fine for a few seconds, then the computer shows the H drive connecting over and over forever. It’s really annoying.

Trying to connect for the the first time, Ardino can see the board, but not Zadig.

“Normal” might be over-stating it, but it’s not entirely unusual.
Not sure exactly what causes it, but basically ProffieoOS is probably crashing.
One possible reason might be a corrupt SD card. so I would start with that.
Take it out, copy the contents, format the card, put the contents back. Maybe check if the ini files look normal, and if they don’t delete them.

If that doesn’t help, then maybe a newer version of ProffieOS might be in order, which might help.
(Do you know what version of ProffieOS you have?)

The fuzzy sound is normal when just powered by USB.

I had made a copy of the SD when it first arrived. That fixed the issue and I was able to get Zadig to work. Thank you.

There is a folder on the SD card called “ProffieOS5.9” so I assume that is the version.

Glad to hear that it’s working.
Let me know if you need help upgrading to a newer version of ProffieOS.