ProffieBoard no longer functioning

Hi everyone! I recently received a 89Sabers Survivor and I tried to edit the presets and fonts list. I used a file on the SD card and made some changes, uploaded them to the saber through the Arduino and now the saber makes no noise, the bottom LED cycles color, and the LED light above the test MAIN and AUX buttons constantly flashes.

I also have a sample output from the Serial Console after I upload:

Here is what my config file looks like. (I made changes from the original while following a youtube guide to hopefully understand it better):

Any help is appreciated and please let me know if any more information is required. Thank you all!

The “no sound” part could be because you were testing it with the USB cable attached, and the SD card was mounted on the computer. (possibly)

Can you show us your original config file as well?

Also, just to be sure; are you sure your proffieboard is a V2 board?

Just to update, I was able to get my saber working gain. I checked the print on the board and found I was in fact using a proffie v3 and not a proffie v2!

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