Proffieboard Neopixel Color Issues

Hey there!

I recently bought my first Neopixel Proffie saber (a dark saber) and just as I thought I was beginning to get the hang of things, I have encountered an issue that has stumped me.

Since creating a new config file and adding it to the board, the blade colors for each font have not seemed to transfer properly. All fonts activate with a white saber color with all of the LEDs in the strip lights activated (the blade appears white, but you can see red, green and blue LEDs going up the blade).

I can’t switch blade colors in the color menu either. I have tested the blade styles in the hubbe Style Editor and the correct blade colors appear there. I have added my config file here in case it is possible there is an issue there.

I haven’t found anyone else that has encountered this specific issue. There was one person who maybe had a somewhat similar issue(?) but the solution for them was an issue with a socket in the board being disconnected. I’m not exactly sure how I would go about fixing that kind of issue. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully it’s just a dumb little step I skipped in the config.


darksaber_config.h (20.4 KB)

Sounds like your byte order is wrong for the blade.
You have Color8::GRBw
What did it used to be when it worked before?
Do you actually have a RGBW strip with a dedicated white channel? Seems like no.

That was the issue!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t given the original config file and it wasn’t on the SD card. I’ve since emailed support where I purchased it to see if they can send it to me. So I was flying a little blind.

I just uploaded the config with the change to GRB and it worked.

Appreciate the help!

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