Proffieboard Killing SD Cards

Ok, so first off I want to be very clear, this is user error, 1000%, and I know that. I’m mostly here just out of sheer curiousity. With that in mind, here’s what’s going on.

A while back, I was messing with my saber and I ended up breaking off the Micro-B port on the proffieboard. (This is due to my own fault and bad chassis design…) I was able to solder it back on, and all the pins were intact, except for the ID pin, which if I am reading the board schematics correctly goes to nowhere? Regardless, I know for a fact it tore through the Data - pin trace when it got ripped out of the board, so it doesn’t surprise me that it got broken. That’s small question #1, is the ID pin from the Micro-B port actually used on the proffieboard? (Becase as far as I can tell it doesn’t go anywhere, and only USB 2.0 needs it)

I haven’t been wanting to buy a new board because the prices are so stupid right now, so I just left it be. I couldn’t experiement with it anymore, but I had gotten it to a place I was happy with, with all the fonts, bladestyles, etc. that I wanted. Whatever. This also meant that I didn’t want to completely redo my chassis just to put a broken board in it…

So, recently I needed to rewire something (but I still didn’t redo my chassis :man_facepalming:) and I was soldering in a… poor fashion. Suffice to say the proffieboard was not being taken care of, the SD card was in the slot while soldering, etc. Bad decision, I know.

Afterwards, the proffieboard took an extended time to boot once I restored power, and it then proceeded to tell me my SD card did not exist. I cut power, pulled out the SD card, and inspected it for a hairline crack, since I had a previous sd card that, thanks to my crap chassis design:tm:, broke in half and died.

Plugging it into either the proffieboard or the computer makes the SD card get relatively hot and is not recognized in any fashion. (Tried through multiple utilities on windows, through command line, and on macos, nothing besides taking a very long time to tell me there’s nothing there, similar to the proffieboard at boot)

So then I started inspecting the board. I looked at all visible components and connections, and nothing is bridged or shows any signs of damage whatsoever. (I don’t have a picture)

However, it is very possible something got bridged while I was soldering, since I didn’t have a good angle, so my soldering iron tip or one of my wires might have done it, I’ll go back to this later.

After I inspected the board somewhat thoroughly, I decided I just killed the SD card, and went to put my files onto another known working one. After copying over files, killing proffieboard power, inserting the SD card, and powering on again, the proffie seems to hang on boot (can’t see what serial monitor says bc borked USB port, yay) and then gives me the same error. (“Font Directory Not Found. SD Card Not Fount.”) Plugging in this previously working SD card into the computer, it is also completely unreadable and unrecognizable, and now also gets hot when plugged in.

So, my question to y’all. More out of curiousity than anything, because I know I was stupid and careless and it doesn’t surprise me something got broken. What might cause the board to just keep killing SD cards, seemingly frying them, if nothing on the board is bridged and the saber still works like normal with all the bladestyles and everything, just no sounds ofc.

Makes sense something got damaged internally, I’m just curious as to what to further my knowledge.

TL;DR, my proffieboard is frying SD cards, what would cause this to happen?

The short answer to this is battery voltage.
SD cards run at 3.3v, if you give them 4.2 volts, they aren’t going to like it.
I can’t think of anything else that the board could do that would fry the sd card, except possibly for getting the polarity wrong or something.

I would go measure SD card pads and see if any of them show a short to BATT+ or 5 volts. The most likely place for such a short is under the dual P-FET which serves as both power control for the SD card and a reverse polarity protection for the entire board.

As for the ID pin on the usb connector: You are correct, the proffieboard doesn’t use it.

That makes sense. I can do some testing if I get a chance tomorrow and take a look at those pins. Thanks for the quick response, and answering my other question :slight_smile: