Proffieboard "Driver is unavailable" Error

I’ve recently purchased 4 Proffieboards from the same reputable seller and 2 of the 4 will not connect properly with my computer. I can still connect with 20 other Proffieboards, but these 2 are showing a “Driver is unavailable” error. Through checking the USB serial device properties, I’m seeing events with descriptions that read “Device not migrated” and “Device install requested.”

I’ve used various cables, USB ports, three different versions of ProffieOS, but I can’t get these boards to connect properly. Is there a way to manually select a specific driver and upload it?

I’ve attached 4 screenshots showing what I’m seeing.

Thanks for any assistance and MTFBWY!

Proffie Error Screenshot 4
Proffie Error Screenshot 3
Proffie Error Screenshot 2
Proffie Error Screenshot 1

I should add that I tried to update drivers automatically and Windows indicated that all drivers are up-to-date.

See Step 2 on this page, although I recommend reading everything and going step-by-step .

Blurgh. I ran the .exe file and am still getting the same exact errors. What’s vexing is my computer works with nearly two dozen other boards, but not these two.

I may attempt deleting ProffieOS and Arduino and starting over completely.

Update: deleted and reinstalled Arduino. Same exact situation.

That would lead me to believe there’s an issue with these boards then, once the drivers recognize a Proffieboard it should work the same regardless of the individual board. You may inquire about replacements if you purchased recently.

I feared that might be the case. These 2 are actually replacements for another 2 that didn’t work either. Thanks for your assistance today!

Yeah, unfortunately if you have other boards that connect without issue, the most likely problem is the boards themselves. If done correctly you only ever need to set up the drivers once. You can try this video but I’m thinking the boards are the problem.