Proffieboard compatibility with LED strips

Hi guys I’m new here and currently working on my first DIY lightsaber. I have a couple questions about the proffieboard. So first I was wondering if the Proffieboard V2 is compatible with WS2812b Led strips or if it has to be WS2811? Second when using LED strips does the Proffieboard need a PCB? Specifically I am looking at this LED strip:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Proffieboard is compatible with WS2812B strips, and SK6812s. Those are the strips most of us use, and Khal’s all in one. All good to go with Proffie.


Welcome Matt. As to you second question… PCB is not required but an inexpensive, and convenient way of making the connection, allowing for blade removal. PCBs are a good place to secure resistors too.

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I have a mix of PCBs and direct board wirings in my builds, depending on their use. Sometimes I am literally out of money and upgrade later, or I really need a fixed blade and a PCB doesn’t make sense to me.

But like Bobby_S mentioned, without a PCB resistors will not have a nice little nest and be inline with your wiring. That’s pretty normal for accents and crystals and such.

I just set up a NPXL V3 as a hilt side connector, and am bedazzled. First time I’ve had the glorious glow right on the hilt side PCB.

Thanks everyone who responded it was very helpful. One more question Does anyone have any advise on making my own hilt? I’m planning on using PVC pipe or a metal tube.

If you use PVC, you should try to have a metal pipe reinforcing inside, and like with any saber build, use a chassis for the electronics.

Check out pvc lightsabers on Facebook

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ps, skip the waterproof strips, and get the non waterproof ones.

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I usually use 1" copper or 3/4 inch schedule 40 PVC (1" OD). Very thin.

I got into sabering just as everyone was adopting chassis as a best practice so I still like electronics shields. The old seltzer bottle technique, with the board/battery held by the wiring or some foam/tape.

If it’s your first saber I bet it won’t be your last. I just made the first one to ever leave my house for a friend and was like “dang, that was my best saber” and my kid was like “until you make another one”.

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Your kid’s smart, lmao

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