Proffieboard and Speaker Proximity

I am working on a chassis design for a new hilt and had a questions about positioning the speaker close to the board.

The setup would have the speaker and the board “back to back” where the speaker would be ~5mm from the bottom of the board.

Would this cause any potential issues with magnetism? Also sound waves causing vibration that close to the board?

I wanted to ask on here before I continue developing the design. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Vibrations would be the biggest issue, you’ll most likely create a lot of false clashes and stabs unless you really insulate the board from the speaker.

Oh yeah, didn’t even think of false clashes…oof

The magnetic field from the speaker should not be an issue, but false clashes might be. A little bit of some soft material between the speaker/chassis/board might be a good idea. Lots of people have put the speaker next to the board and made it work, so I don’t think it should be that hard.

Appreciate the feedback. Some type of dampening material might be the way to go