Proffieboard 3.9 Documentation

Not sure if i missed it or if its still in the works but I was wondering if there is or will be any more/new documentation on the free 123 pads and and other additional pads on the 3.9 board. I havent found any new documents pertaining to this. Interested in connectivity options. Configurator for v3 still has the use of 4 data lines and no more. I would like to incorporate more of the out pads including data so some of these new style items can be applied. Any info would be awesome. So far i was able to use a free 1 pad for a data 5. Thanks in advance.

There isn’t a lot of documentation, what exists is on this page:

(I should probably add a “pixel data” column to that table, but essentially any pin that has a checkmark in the GPIO column can be used for pixel data.)

Here is a list of things you can do with Free pads with no coding:

  • use them as a button
  • use them for ws281x data
  • drive low-powered LEDs directly (20mA or less)

They also have a bunch of functions that do require coding, such as SPI, Serial, I2C and Servo functions. I’m working on code that uses the SPI functionality to support color screens for instance.

Not sure what other “additional pads” you’re talking about.

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I have looked at that. I was interested in how the blade array will work with the free pads 1,2 and 3. I had no trouble with free pad 1 and the blade array was bladepin5. Works.
I tried Free2 as data and it shut it all down.
As there is not much to read from i would assume i should post my issues as well on a different thread. Im experiencing glitches and data lines not producing correct style results…lagging…etc. I’ll post a new thread for that.

There were some bugs in the V3 support at one point. If you don’t have ProffieOS 7.11, I recommend upgrading and see if that solves your problems.

I have upgraded to the latest. I will try a few things on my end first before i post my issues.
Im still getting some at the moment. Mostly data transfer issues from the styles to the pixels. All wired correctly to.

I’ve added two new columns to the pin table: “Name” (Which is the name ProffieOS uses for the pin) and “WS281x” which has checkmarks for all pins that can be used for pixel data.

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Oh awesome. Getting there on my issues. Putting 2 and 2 together so far. :grin: