Proffie V3 with Fett263 6.5 bladestyles library bug

I will open this thread concerning bugs I encountered with proffie v3 while creating bladestyles with fett263 6.5 library.
I don’t have a proffie V3 in hand to reproduce since the saber was shipped, but waiting on one.

Most PreOn fx don’t work anymore as well as some ignitions added fx. I fixed it by using one that work and pasting it on other styles and modifying them. Altho seems related to bug#2 maybe.

Lava lamp and Smoke blade styles makes weird fx flickering when 2 layer going in opposite directions intersect, Seems like an alpha problem. Most noticable on a white blade but does the same on colored ones.
I encountered the same issue using some styles with X Stripes.

I will add to this thread when I’m able to test more with the v3 incoming if not resolved yet.

So, the styles work fine on older boards, but do not work the same on the v3.9 board is what you’re saying? I have not installed a v3.9 yet, but it sounds like there may be a bug in the OS relating to how it handles styles?
Can you post an example of style code not running right so @profezzorn can have a look?

These bugs were noticed while programming a saber for a customer. I just went around them and finished the saber.
I am waiting on a new V3.9 board to test it further and make a video. I don’t have one in hand atm.
I never encounter these alpha bug on the V2.2
I don’t have the faulty style codes anymore.
But a simple lava lamp or smoke blade was doing this issue.
Running OS 7.7

I will add more info when I get to test it again with video and config file.