Proffie v3 Power options

Hey team,

wiring up a master chassis with my first v3 board, can I get away with wiring a rotating motor to the 3.3v pad or 5v pad? I also have several accents (two 10 pixel 2020 strips) i need to power but trying to get those to the battery but access is starting to become an issue so not sure if I have different options with the v3? Hope this makes sense.


The 5v pad is only on when audio is being produced, and if your motor adds noise, it might become audible to the speaker, so don’t use the 5v pad.
The 3.3v pad might work, but I don’t generally recommend wiring motors to it since the noise could interfere with the cpu. WIring it to BATT+ (with a resistor if needed) would be my recommendation.

Obviously it also depends on how much power the motor draws. The 3.3v pad has ~250mA available or so.

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