Proffie v3 funny behavior

I have a Regiis with a proffie v3 that is mostly installed and the programming is verified to work on v2. Set up for proffieOS 6.9 and trying to understand what this extra flickering is? These are lightly modified Fett263 blade styles.

If the saber is active, I can’t tell if its still doing it but it kinda looks like data line chatter to me.
Adding a 470ohm resistor on the line doesn’t help.

Regiis weird flashing pixel strips.

A lot of time when I see problems like this, it’s a power problem. Low battery, bad battery, bad wiring, etc. However, there are a lot of other things that looks similar, and the fact that’s it’s mostly happening on the first LED makes it more likely that it’s a data problem.

I recommend trying ProffieOS 7.x, as there are some bugfixes that might help.
If that doesn’t work, post your config and I’ll see if I can replicate it at all.

What data line is it?
I have heard reports of data 3 and free 3 not working 100%
This is from Azy Showcase on Facbook:
"Proffieboard 3.9

A couple of people have had this problem.
For me, I had problem on data3 and free3 with weird sparks.

I thought it was related with the shared power pins but after using 2 data lines of the same shared power pad, I still got the problem.

So of you see green of white spark on the first couple of pixels of a strip, the strip is not necessary at fault. Change the data pad and retry.

I thought I had faulty small flexi strips. But changing data pad fixed it right away."

Well in looking into another problem, I may have figured out why Free3 might behaving weird with neopixels. I will provide a potential fix shortly.

Ok, potential fix for Free3 on master branch.

the issue was on data pad 3. So a consistent problem indeed.
The strips on data 3 got switched to Free1 and then data 2 started flickering.

I have experience the same issue with strips flickering.
I needed 7 data. Data 3 and free 3 had strange behaviours with flickering at the base.
Changing the order of the blades in the bladeconfig section of the config, changed the problem from one data to another.
At the end, the only thing after trying to debug this that work, was to combine 4 data together to drop to 5 data. Moving a data to another pad works and not. sometimes it moves the problem.
I ended up using data 2,4,5,6,7. Data 1 and 3 doing flickering even tho it started with 3 and 7.

I had many pms about this from others and was resolved by moving the data.
I am no coder at all but seems like a conflict of clocking or something induced in the data line perharps.

Thank you for checking this out

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I wanted to add that I’m on OS 7.7 and reverting to 6.7 did not work

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Hello, I have the same problems with the Proffie v3.9, using OS6.9.

Normally I use for wiring the Crystal chamber always bladepin 2 or 3 and bladepowerpin 4. But that produces errors and shown colors that are not configured - like a flickering. It was necessary to delete bladepin 2 or 3 from the Crystals and use bladepin 5 (free1) - so it don’t produce errors anymore.

I had the same issue with other 3.9 boards from… I don’t know why!? But I just want let you know it’s still present… I have a video here, maybe I can upload it somewhere to show the problem…

Try upgrading to latest ProffieOS.
Also, what version of the arduino-proffieboard plugin do you have?