Proffie v3.9 deep sleep or UltraSleep

Hey guys!

Is there any news or info on the deep sleep options for v3.9 or the weird stuff the UltraProffie people found?


No, it’s been a very busy summer for me so far, and I keep getting distracted by working on color display support.


yeah that deep sleep is something I would strongly upvote.

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Hello there,

Just for my well understanding, the deepsleep include the SD power control. The SD reader is contoled by the Q7 mosfet which need the sd_power-En signal from CPU to let the 3.3v pass through the SD Reader. So when the CPU passes in deepsleep mode (timer setted) , this signal is switch off off and the mosfet doesn’t let the current pass anymore. I supposed, the CPU isn’t totaly off and need to stay awake a little to well received the entry signal from a switch. (BT1and GND for exemple)

Please correct if I am wrong.

You’re not exactly wrong, it’s just that none of this is implemented yet.

Thank for the answer, juste wanting to confirm my understanding on how it would work later :slight_smile: