Proffie V3 30 sec power issue

Just installed a proffie 3.9 and it fires up like it should, everything works while it’s on and will stay on until the battery does. The problem is after 30 seconds of the power being off but the kill switch still on that it won’t respond to button pushed or gestures to fire it up. The green led on the board does a bright slow pulse for exactly 30 seconds and then starts blinking really fast, that’s when it won’t fire up without reflipping the kill switch or popping the battery out and back in. I stripped down my config and updated to the latest master OS. I’ll post a pic of how I wired it and a link my config on pastebin.

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be going wrong?


Wiring diagram

See if the official 7.8 works better.
The latest master and tentative 7.9 is still a WIP, and your issue is one of the symptoms of a bug fix for a different issue.

I’ll give it a shot when I get home tonight and then update on if it solved the issue.

Reverting back to 7.8 did fix the problem. Thank you for the help, this was my first complete install done myself and was starting to question if I missed something.