Proffie V2.2 : The Arduino can not detect the port: proffie board , But PC can detected

I started the Arduino and clicked the tool->port , nothing . The arduino can not detected the proffieboard . But uploading was successful .
I installed the driver zadig2.8 .

Could you explain more clearly?

I edited again .
Thank you !

Maybe this info helps:

2 separate drivers are required for Windows PCs.

Zadig installs the driver (WinUSB v6.1.7600.16385) for the board when it is booted in bootloader mode and shows up as an “STM32 BOOTLOADER” device to the computer.

When the board is booted normally running ProffieOS, it is seen as a “Proffieboard” device to the computer, and Windows should automatically install the correct driver (usbser.sys)

The normal sequence of Proffieboard programming is this:

Board is booted normally running ProffieOS, and is seen on a COM port in Arduino under menu Tools>Port.

When you hit Upload, Arduino compiles the code, reboots the board into bootloader mode so it can receive programming, uploads to it, then reboots the board into normal ProffieOS mode.

To manually put the board in bootloader mode, hold the BOOT button, press and release the RESET button, then release BOOT.

Hitting upload in this state is the same as having Arduino do it, but you are skipping over the first part where it’s in ProffieOS mode first.

This is assuming there is “bad programming” on the board that is preventing it from showing up as a Proffieboard, or, the driver wasn’t properly installed by Windows.

By manually forcing the upload, we’re hoping that Windows installs the driver correctly when it reboots as a Proffieboard after a successful upload.

Hope that helps clarify.

My writeup of the same thing, in case different wording would be helpful: