Proffie v2.2 Config/Blade Style Help

What’s up guys so I’m not new to proffie or anything. I know how to add sound fonts and edit configs etc. What I don’t know how to do however, which to my understanding is that you are able to. Is adding more than one sound font to one blade style. for example if I wanted Anakin’s light and dark font on one blue blade style in the config how would I go about this? Would it just be something like { "AnakinLight,AnakinDark “tracks/AnakinvsObiwan.wav”, then the blade style under this? Any demonstrations or explanations of this would be greatly appreciated thanks guys.

Unfortunately it’s more complicated than that.

Here is a page about alt sounds which might be helpful:

Ok so I went through a bit of the guide. And it seems that this is trying to show me how to create two sounds on the same font am I correct? That is very useful information however maybe I am misunderstanding or maybe I didn’t clarify enough.

What I am actually trying to do is add two different fonts on the same style like two entirely separate fonts. for example let’s say I start of with a blue blade style. With the first font being Anakin’s I turn the saber on, I then turn the saber off attempt to do a font change to let’s say obi-wan because his blade is also blue. Which generally this would make the saber switch to the next saber style in the config however.

Instead of the board switching to the next saber style in the config it stays on the same saber style in the config because there is another font on that saber style is this type of setup even possible? I apologize if this is really confusing or if I am just asking an impossible question. I appreciate your help with this.

There is currently no way to do that.

Why wouldn’t you just duplicate your blade style for the next font? Seems like you still want to switch the between the font/preset and not actually have it be dynamic in the blade style. If it’s due to concerns around memory you can set it up as a function to drastically cut down on the memory consumption.

You declare the blade style once and then in your presets you setup a call to that function. You can even adjust things like blade colors or other options without needing to create a whole new blade style.

OK thank you for that, I appreciate the help.

As noted, just repeat the same style code for a new preset with the other font.
Or if you have Edit Mode set up you can just use “Copy Preset” to make a copy and then “Edit Font” and change the font to the one you want.
Using “Copy Preset” has no impact on Flash Memory, you can make as many copies as you want snd change the font, track, colors, options, etc using Edit Mode or ProffieOS Workbench.

This is very useful thank you for this. It looks like it’s time for me to learn how to use edit mode which won’t be hard just have to find the time. Also I want to personally thank you for everything you do and have done for the saber community. Your website is a god send for quickly changing saber styles. I have been using your site since proffie OS 4.0 all the way up until now.


That is exactly my main concern is the flash memory, I think I’ll try out fett263’s edit mode. as well as this and see if I can drastically cut down on the memory. I used to run super fun blade styles but once I found out how much memory this consumed I went back to simpler styles.

Check out my config tool, watch the videos at the top and read through everything, when used with my OS7 Library and the Style Options it can allow you to fit considerably more on your saber, then combined with Edit Mode or ProffieOS Workbench you can essentially create unlimited presets, with thousands of unique styles :wink:

Using two copies of the an identical style doesn’t use any more memory.
using the “using” syntax makes it cleaner and easier to modify though.