Proffie SwitchBack

The Proffie SwitchBack will look something like this:

It’s 13mm in diameter, and fits on the back of a 16-mm AV button with an common-anode RGB led inside it. On the other side of the board, there will be a WS2811 chip and a data resistor.

I will post progress in this thread, which I hope will end with a run. :slight_smile:


Assuming that the legs for the LEDs vary between switches, would there be jumpers from the RGB outputs of the WS2811 to route to the correct legs?

Edit: Also could consider a 12mm variation if this works out since those are seemingly more common for builds with AV switches

This PCB will assume that the legs are in a particular order.
The switches I have are all +/R/G/B, so hopefully that is what most switches do.

I have not seen any RGB 12mm switches, do you have a link for one?
Also, the chip I’m using will probably not fit between the legs of a 12mm switch, so it might be difficult.

There are some smaller WS2811 chips available though. They just aren’t as easy to find in stock.

If anybody has a 16mm RGB switch, can you measure the space between the switch contacts? My datasheet says it’s supposed to be 9.8mm, but the actual switch I have measures 9.5mm.

The prototype I’m working on works either way, but the tabs require a little bending to fit…

I only have single color 16mms

which type? I have a 16mm RGB common anode. Which internal space between the switch contacts is 8.5mm, post is 0.5mm thick so taking that into account, from outer side of each prong I get 9.5mm +/- 0.2mm

Sounds like it’s similar or the same as mine.

What do you mean? What are the other options?

Well, I mean there are pixel style ones that would obviously have a different layout for the pins. Though they aren’t as common now since the KR ones made it to market.

Ah, well, I’m interested in the common-anode RGB ones.

Prototype in action:

Google Photos

Google Photos

Apologies for the cold solders.


Ah, so that’s what you were working on.

I have these:
The page says 9.3mm, and it measures very close to that.

I made the switchback have 9.6mm between the holes.
That means that some switches might need to have their terminals bent slightly to fit, but I think it should work.

I’m buying a couple of these to verify.

I’m looking forward to seeing a video of this in action. :smiley: