Proffie saber question

My saber came with a proffie 2.2 and It kinda is way too sensitive on the twist on/off thing and also on the flash on clash sometimes it clashes but sometimes it doesn’t like its not really responsive. Idk if that’s a problem or not

Clash sensitivity can be tuned, also some details of how clashes are detected can be tuned.
Twist on/off can also be tuned or disabled.

Is it possible to learn this power? I didn’t think you could tune twist sensitivity… I guess I missed something somewhere…

I believe what you are looking for is in the Prop file…

  void DetectTwist() {
    Vec3 gyro = fusor.gyro();
    bool process = false;
    if (fabsf(gyro.x) > 200.0 &&
        fabsf(gyro.x) > 3.0f * abs(gyro.y) &&
        fabsf(gyro.x) > 3.0f * abs(gyro.z)) {
      process = DoGesture(gyro.x > 0 ? TWIST_LEFT : TWIST_RIGHT);

Someone else will have to tell you how to calibrate it…

Ah, so not via a #define, but rather tunable in the prop code, gotcha.

where can I find the prop file?

The 200 specifies how fast it has to turn to qualify as a twist.
The two 3.0 specify that it has to be twisting at least three times faster around the X axis than the Y and Z. (This essentially disables twisting while swinging.)
There is more code below it which puts limits on the back-forth timing.

In the prop directory.
This particular code is here:

So I found the prop file in my ProffieOS folder and what now should I upload it with arduino?

Yes, if you made a change in this file (or any other file) you need to do an upload in Arduino for it to take effect on your saber.


This will erase all programming on your saber. It won’t just change one thing. If your config file doesn’t match what was used last time it was programmed, you will potentially end up with lots of problems.

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