Proffie Randomly powering down/low battery beep on full battery

So, I just finished this build, when I flip the kill switch everything looks okay, when i power up the saber it’ll power up, and then just power down on its own and give me a low battery beep. I’ve made sure my battery is fully charged and tried multiple batteries all with the same result … before I tear it apart and start anew, i wanted to check to see if this could possible be a programming error on my part or if this is most likely a short somewhere in my work … thanks in advance yall.

It’s unlikely to be a programming error. The only thing I can think of that would cause that (using the wrong board type) generally causes a lot more problems than just battery issues. (Like, sound doesn’t work…)

First step is always to measure the battery voltage at the board (BATT- to BATT-) and see what you get. If the serial monitor doesn’t agree with the multimeter, then it’s very likely that there is something wrong with the board.

Resolved the issue, i crossed some wires to the board, got them corrected and the board is working fine now. Thanks for the help!