Proffie OS6 edit mode

So I’m having an issue getting webusb to recognize my proffieboard, I’m gunna post a link to my post on Reddit that has the discussion of things others have suggested to save time.

Nobody seems to have asked this in reddit, so I’ll ask here. When you uploaded in Arduino, did you have an option with WebUSB selected under Tools->USB Type?

Yes i had “Serial+Mass Storage+WebUSB” selected

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Did you really cut the power wires in your USB cable?

Yes, but it was a cable i just had laying around and i do have other data cables.

But why?
You realize it’s normal for a USB cable to do power and data, like all the time, yes?

Proffieboards actually uses the power wire to detect an USB connection. Without USB power, the proffieboard will power down the USB circuits, which might be why you can’t get a WebUSB connection with a cable that doesn’t have a power wire.

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I typically recommend users not choose Mass Storage options, if your computer connects to the SD you’ll need to Eject the card before using WebUSB and/or disconnecting the board otherwise it can corrupt the SD. If you are ae to get yo and remove the SD it is always better yo use an external reader. I see a lot of users forget to Eject the SD which leads to other problems.

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So it sould be Serial+WebUSB?

Yes, as long as you’re able you’re remove your SD and use an external reader.

And i cut the power wire because i couldn’t get my proffieboard to connect to my computer.

Ok I’ll try using one of my other data cables and see if that works, it’s just when i use any other cable besides the one i cut my computer will not recognize the proffie at all, even after using the boot and reset buttons.

Ok, i can eject my SD card from my computer so ill make sure it is out before i try to use WebUSB.

No, you can’t use WebUSB if the card is physically removed. By “Eject” I mean your computer isn’t using it for something else. WebUSB writes to the SD, but when you have Mass Storage enabled your computer will “occupy” the SD and prevent WebUSB from accessing AND if you forget to tell your computer to “Eject” and you just disconnect the board while the SD is occupied you can corrupt the card or cause it to be locked which causes issues. The SD card needs to physically remain in the board while using WebUSB but it can’t be occupied by your computer for other purposes like Mass Storage.

Ah ok gotcha