Proffie OS Historical Iterations Spreadsheet by Geoff Birch

ProffieOS Changelogs 3YRS.xlsx - Google Drive


Now THAT is cool!


So cool. Thank you to Geoff Birch and thanks Megtooth for sharing.

I’ll be integrating this data (well, what I’m missing from it) as I have a similar timeline set up for but its more of a vertical parallax scrolling thing with photos and videos, and not a spreadsheet format like this. Its taking forever (due to chronic illness), but once the magazine launches, the reference section will be a fun (non-biased) way for all people new to Proffie to learn about the history of features on ProffieOS and how they came to be.

Hopefully I’ll be up to doing a little more work on the web server, flex server, ProffieOS fork as the summer wanes, but for now I really am enjoying a little outing (half vaccinated, still wearing a mask to protect myself and others) every day instead of coding so much like I did all winter.

Thanks again to Geoff for the info in such a good format.


Probably need to expand on my prop file a little further for OS5, it also introduced:

Gesture Ignitions; Swing On, Thrust On in addition to Stab On and Twist On/Off
Force Push Gesture
Multi-Blast Mode
Fast On Ignition (skip Preon)
On Demand Power Save and Battery Level
Battle Mode, which enabled Lockup, Melt and Drag based on gestures (no button presses)


What is this, Alex Redman? That’s not my last name, for your info.


OT: I requested an edit to the cover page of the magazine to reflect a request for correction (the minor error is now fixed).

Again OT: Also, the DDoS protection was triggered and has now been reset manually. It should be running fine now for those who were viewing it before. The magazine launches on July 1st, and will be updated every week with fresh content (news, history, in-depth interviews, and yes, classic editorials about all kinds of subjects.)

Thanks. <3

@Dr.Alex Another question to that topic: why that title about me is so important that you don’t want to remove it per my request? I want you to remove that from your website.


Also I would like to say this is not the place to directly discuss anything but Proffie related things. There are proper appropriate channels to discuss OT things and this is NOT the place for drama.

Sorry folks, I can’t control other people’s behavior here but I won’t participate any further and we all agree that this is a forum for Proffie community and our hobbies around that.

Posting my community or project link and sharing my contribution is the same as anyone else posting their community or project related link and its not a big deal. Thanks again, back to Proffie something-or-rather now please.

@Dr.Alex Not sure I follow, you posted the link to your magazine and Dmitry asked to have his name removed, seems like a reasonable request. Not sure about anyone else but if someone was using my name without permission to promote their website I’d want it removed. I’d just respect his request and move on.


If anyone has any particular issue with a particular thing said in a published community article or editorial piece in a pubished magazine like that one, they can use the proper methods to make a request to a magazine to edit or remove content after its published, and show what needs correcting or about any omissions. This is not the place or the person to talk to about it. I’m not in the habit of cancelling editors before they publish their articles, or removing their 1st amendment rights to talk about or review someone’s work in a community magazine because someone is projecting onto the person who runs the server or codes the apps.

I respect you and your efforts, and your opinion, but this is not the way to do things. Again, I would like to not continue this discussion here, its not appropriate. Thanks!

So what is the place?

none of these replies are pertinent to op. I dont want crucible to devolve into the cancel culture of fb and other forums. I think that all have a place to contribute; however would ask that if you dont have anything nice to say, reserve it for elsewhere, and only pertinent replies to threads should be made. Leave your battles for outside the crucible please.


What are you trying to achieve with posting your comments, your own point of view about me or whatever you want to post there and 2-3 years old events publicly on your magazine? Does it make you feel better or why even do that? I’m asking you to remove that from your website and just forget about it, live your own life, I live mine, get over it.

Ok, just in case it is not clear:

I have a zero-tolerance policy against name calling and hurtful language.
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What remains is not great either.

Fundamentally, the rule is this:


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Now, I don’t really hold a grudge, so if everybody involved can just chill, this drama can be over for now. If things evolve from here, please consider doing the mud-slinging somewhere else.


well this didn’t last long. disappointed.