Proffie History

Whats the history of the Profile Board? When was the first one? I bought a base lit Ultrasaber in 2017. I hadnt heard anything about Proffie or neopixel at the time. When I rolled up into Hollywood Studios at Disney with my Ultrasaber people were in awe.

cool thanks. How long was it before all the retail sites popped up, like artsaber, saber hutt, sabertheory

That happened quite a bit later.

After the first teensysaber, there was the TeensySaber V2 (February 2017):

Then the TeensySaber V3 (september 2017):

In Januari 2018, we had the first peek at the Proffieboard:

Followed by a massively successful group buy:

After that, things started taking off, and proffieboards became popular.

Thexter had a big part in making the proffieboard so popular, because of
the introduction of smoothswing:

In Januari 2018, Thexter posted a thread showing the algorithm he used:

I was able to adapt this algorithm for proffieboards early on, which made Proffieboards the easiest way to get smoothswing into a saber.

In March 2019, we have the first Proffieboard V2 announcement:


Neat, thanks for all the posts. So looks like the flurry of retail sellers has been the last couple years. The young gal that recommended Saber Hutt to me started buying neopixel sabers at the beginning of COVID

Feels like so much longer than 3 years!

Technically it’s over 4.5 years for Proffieboard, isn’t it? I got my first Proffie in January 2019 and installed it April of that year.

Yeah I meant since v2

Buying a proffie for DIY (without the chip shortage) is like taking a very affordable college course. You get out and realize you learned more and paid less.

Thats tight. Who made it? I just got a “Rey” lightsaber from Saber Hutt. Im also getting a longer blade for my base-lit UltraSaber.

It’s a KR Sabers Flagship.

It looks like this now.