Proffie config question

Is there a way I can change how hard I need to hit the blade in order to get a FOC. I saw that there is a clash threshold but when I tried it I think it changed the duration of the white flash effect. I have a problem that In order to get FOC I have to hit the blade hard and sometimes it doesn’t react and I think the problem began when I first flashed my config.

Change the clash threshold in the config header. Higher number is less sensitive, lower number is more sensitive.

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To add to this, just in case there’s any misconception:

You should use #define CLASH_THRESHOLD_G [number]

For example: #define CLASH_THRESHOLD_G 3.0

Additionally, this option is found on the front editor page of the ProffieConfig program:

It’s set up as “amount of force required to trigger,” hence higher values being less sensitive.

Also, it shouldn’t affect the clash effect as far as duration, it’s possible you changed your blade styles instead.

my threshold is 2.0 what do you recommend because I have to hit it hard it order to get a flash and I want it to be a bit more sensitive

Try adding this define:


thanks I’ll try and give an update

Update: Nothing has changed

Try setting the threshold to 1.0 then?

Also, make sure you don’t have KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING in your config file since the clash sensitivity from global.ini will override the one you set in your config file in that case.

I dont see a define KEEP_SAVE_FILES anywhere so Im guessing I don’t have it?

If you don’t have that in your config file, you should be fine.
I just wanted to make sure.

It sorta got better I don’t know tho. I see people doing reviews on the saber and their FOC activates when they just extend and pull back their hand really fast while mine was doing that but now it doesn’t.

@profezzorn he’d be one of a few recently I’ve seen who seemingly need very low clash values… that seems odd.

Would it be a good idea to check the Serial Monitor and make sure the gyro and accel events are coming through good?

even if I tried to check the serial monitor in arduino (If that’s what you are talking about) I cannot since arduino doesn’t recognize my board in ports and In order to flash the board I put it in bootloader mode.

This is usually caused by having bad drivers installed, which is often caused by using Zadig wrong. This video is often helpful:

I have done the zadig thing the correct way it’s not this but screw it by turning the clash threshold to 1.0 it seemed to get good enough for me to enjoy it so I suppose it’s fixed

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You can absolutely go lower if that makes it better.
It’s just kind of unusual, and low numbers don’t work well unless you also change the clash suppression level.

We’re not sure exactly why some people seem to need pretty low numbers though. It might just be random, because there is always some variation, but it’s kind of weird…

for example I put it on 0.1 do I have to put the suppression level at 0.1 too?

Not sure what the right value is, but it’s generally true that if the clash threshold is decreased enough, you have to also decrease the audio suppression level, or it will interfere.

You can always set the audio suppression level to zero while experimenting and then increase it if you think you need it/want it.

thanks I will try tomorrow. Until then I wish a good day/night