Proffie board Voltage Booster

Hey all, seek the knowledge of the Council. Have a saber I installed with Proffie board 2.2 and had issues with the speaker sounding crackly. After ignition I see blade animation stutters.
Checking speaker first, I used a multimeter between Speaker + and Speaker - and received ohms within 5-7 while off.
Checking ground to 5v I received around 2.5v.
Didn’t grab new speaker but assume the consensus is Voltage Booster? This is the second board from the same batch I’ve had a Booster issue on if true and wanted to see if there are any other possible causes or something I could’ve done because I didn’t think this to be common enough to have two go.

Shot in the dark. Bridging 5v to positive be the test to verify?

If blade animations are also problematic, then it might be the SD card.
Try a different one and/or run sdtest to check speeds.

The booster is only active when there should be sound playing or a blade lit up. (I believe this includes the IDLE_OFF_TIME as well as that’s keeping the FETs alive)
<5V when off is normal.
If bridging 5V to BATT(+) cleans up the sound though, yes, that could be a bad booster

The abnormal voltage value on 5v was observed while blade was ignited. Any idea of common causes?
Never ran into this specific issue with a board during installs and have had it happen twice with the same batch ordered. Just want to make sure before contacting seller.

Tried 3 different brands across five cards. Can verify not point of failure. Though crazier has happened :sweat_smile: need to start keeping some “known goods” around again.

Have you run sdtest in the serial monitor with each card?

So not an SD card problem then.
Time to bridge 5v and BATT+ and see if it works better I think…
It’s a time-honored hack for working around a bad booster.
You loose some sound volume, but it should make everything work.

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Did the trick! Odd batch of 2.2s I guess