Proffie-Board playing no fonts. SOLVED – corrected filestructure an faster SD Card helped

Hi. I have build up a blank Proffie V2.2 and everything is working fine. Bladestyle is working. Sound “SD Card not found” when SD-Card is taken out is playing. Soundfonts are installed.

The only thing is, the font-sounds are not playing. The serial monitor shows this:

No sounds found: hum
unit = 0 vol = 0.00, No sounds found: poweron
No sounds found: hum
Audio underflows: 1
Amplifier off.
Battery voltage: 0.19

Boardinfo says Butterfly L433CC
Config-File is MYFETT263CONFIG 2 Button

Hope you can help

thx Andreas

This probably means that the sound font names on the sd card and the names in your config file don’t match.

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Thank you.:+1: I figured out that my Fontfolders were correct but i had copied the “proffie” folder into it. Now with all the files of the folder directly placed into the font folder it worked.

Next problem is that the sounds aren’t played properly. The blade extracts with the correct sound but on clash the blade stays in the clash color and freezes.

With the speaker (4Ohm/3W) detached, everything is working. Should i decrease the volume?

That’s kind of weird.
You should definitely try decreasing the volume to see if that helps.
This could either be because the vibrations are causing problems, or it could be a short somewhere.

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You could backup then reformat your SD card using this:

Add your fonts back on it.
Upload without #define DISABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS active in your config and then open Serial Monitor in Arduino.
Type sdtest and see what speed results you get at the end.
Laggy, slow, or frozen blade animations are caused by a slow SD card.
If the reformat doesn’t help, check these out:

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Thank you. I will reformat or buy a faster card. The whole circuit is not installed into the saber to manage changes.

SD Card test says: Average speed: 1029.01 kb/s, 11.67 simultaneous audio streams.

A big thank you guys. My Proffie is now perfectly working plus my Arduino knowledge grown.
This was my first Proffie/Arduino project and i’m really happy :muscle:


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