Proffie Board Issues

i am reading it since his link was provided.
but i had some expirience with a sabertrio proffie which was guided with the pathway they gave on their website. but they did include an ProffiOs that was already on the board. that’s waht confused me with the new one.

The copy on your SD card was only a backup of their modified code. You’re not supposed to flash it from the SD card since read/write speeds are slower and it’s arguably less reliable than your local disk.


I’m was now able to upload, and everything works. thanks for your patience with me. now it should be nothing coming up, and i understand the process.

thanks again!

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Great news! It’s very satisfying when your first upload works!

I’m a bit late to the party, (glad you got everything sorted), but you might be interested in this:

It’s a gui interface for doing all the config file and Arduino stuff, so you never have to touch the IDE or deal with installing the proffieboard plugin, or anything like that :slight_smile:

It’ll let you select your config file to import into the tool, and it’ll automatically set everything up.

Disclaimer: I made it, it’s also very new, so you may encounter bugs, but at this point in time it is very much stable, functional and fairly comprehensive, and I’m actively working on implementing the last few features in ProffieOS which it does not yet support.