Proffie based sfx speaker for costume

I would like to make a speaker box that runs on Proffie. I’d like to have a two button configuration.
I made a full Tusken costume and I’d like to make a sfx box. I’d like to tuck it into my waist Bandelier where it’s easy to access the buttons.

1 button starts and stops a loop sound (ambient sounds 10 minute loop) and 1 button activates the sound that people associate with a Tusken.
Maybe, the loop is the hum, and the Tusken “yell” is the aux which is blaster block.

I’m open to suggestions if this would even work, as I’m making this up as I go along.

It would work.
I would recommend using the micom prop file, which gives you a bunch of direct button-to-sound functionality.

Other people are also doing that here:

Thank You, Fredrik!!
I’ll check it out.

I can potentially help too.
I have a working 8 button prototype.
Feel free to pm me and I can help anyway I can.