Profezzorns snippets

This is not really a build thread, but I was thinking of just having a log of “what I did today” kind of posts, including some links.

So far today, I have:

  1. gone through ProffieOS Pull Requests and added comments.
  2. checked in some work I did previously to try to port ProffieOS to RP2040. THe work is incomplete, but it will be helpful if/when I get around to porting ProffieOS to something else in the future.
  3. Wrote a new wiki page:
    How to recover from a bad programming · profezzorn/ProffieOS Wiki · GitHub
  4. and right now I’m working on releasing ProffieOS 6.7

Have you done any installs recently?

No, but if/when I do, I will be posting about it here. :slight_smile:

You should do a blaster…

Maybe when the M2 is ready.

Created a github repository for sounds and fonts:

Is it worth asking Kyberphonic if you can include his freebies? He’s got the Battlefront II fonts as well as the ones grabbed from the Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystals. They are high quality and generic enough to be a good start.

They’re almost guaranteed to not fit the criteria of:
“sounds must not be sampled/taken from anywhere without permission from the copyright holder, and those permissions must be documented such that it can be verified. (“he told me at lunch” is not good enough.)”

I have been working with Greyscale who makes all sounds from scratch and synths as well as another font creator or 2 :wink:

Greyscale would have been my other suggestion.

We definitely need some default fonts that are up-to-date with functionality, and have a range from basic ‘canon’ to mentalist pixel showcases.

Today i learned that “satisfactory” is horribly addictive. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, i might need someone to come drag me away from the computer…

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Elaborate. In my career path now “satisfactory” is laughed at.

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I second this…been playing on and off for almost two years now and it is an awesome game.

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Added defines for changing accelerometer range and frequency for testing.
We may also be able to use it to save battery power when we’re in low-power mode but still checking gestures. (But that needs more work.)

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This thread makes me smile so much I finally started up my hobby thread. :smiley:

Assembled a springboard on a teensysaber v4 PCB, took some pictures and posted them today.

And played satisfactory of course…

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Updated the clash recorder to work with the new interrupt driven clashes.
It compiles, but it’s entirely untested. Hopefully I can try it out tomorrow.