Procuring Proffies

I’m currently doing a project for a production run of a custom saber. And I would love to offer a fully installed option. My problem is that the only available Proffies I’ve seen are Saber Bay’s at 92USD. I regrettably doubted when Vader’s Vault sold their excess at 75USD. But I assume that was VV’s cost. Thus, I would assume that if I needed some number between 10 and 50, I should be able to procure them for less than 90USD. My question is: does anybody knows whom should I talk to about that?

PD: I paid 95usd for my first CFX, just to be able to support both boards in my chassis designs. But there seems really no price difference between V2.2 and CFX at this points. In fact, I wonder if a V3 should be in that price range. Because if I have to spend so much on a card, the V3 features would be nice to have. In fact, they would greatly simpify installation if I could do away with the TP4805 module and USB-C connector.

Unfortunately, pricing is a wait-and-see right now.
I’ve seen some indications that things are getting better, but I’m not sure how long it will take, or if prices will ever really return to what they were before the pandemic.

Same is true for the V3 board. The launch is on hold in the parts are available, which could be tomorrow, next year, or never.

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