Presets.ini, Edit Mode, ProffieOS Workbench, and “Static” Configs

Since OS6, the Presets.ini file, combined with complex styles and Edit Mode/ProffieOS Workbench, allow for ease of sound font addition and blade style configuration.

A hallmark benefit of this setup is users can add a new sound font and configure a unique blade style for it all without uploading a new config to the board.
For example, some blade styles many options that can be selected via Edit Mode/ProffieOS Workbench after dropping a sound font file on the SD Card and copying a preset. This is done by writing to the presets.ini file, as we all know.

As OS7 is on the horizon, is the presets.ini functionality going to change in the foreseeable future? I thought there was some discussion a while back about adjusting its functionality.

Thank you and MTFBWYA.

No change to the functionality, I believe you’re referring to the fix/improvement profezzorn made to how the files are saved.

See here: Saving state is a problem - #19 by profezzorn

Thanks Fett.

Is there anything written up on how Presets.ini will need to be edited in the future, and when those changes will be added to the OS?

The changes are in OS7. If you mean editing by hand, no idea on documentation.

It says how to do it in the post you linked.

Can you link it here, as I don’t see it? Will you update Presets.ini on Github Wiki? Thanks!

This is what the linked post says:

Thanks. However, does this mean that the way ProffieOS Workbench and the way Edit Mode will write to the Presets.ini will be deprecated, i.e. they will write to presets.ini in the new format?

Neither Edit Mode, nor the Workbench write directly to presets.ini, they just use internal commands or functions to make a change. ProffieOS itself is responsible for saving those changes, and it will use the new format when doing so. The new format is the same as the old format, but with a 512 byte header which contains checksums and such, and a footer which contains zeroes, or junk. Editing the file manually is still possible, you just have to remove the header and footer before saving. ProffieOS will put the headers and footers back next time it saves something though. AFAIK, not a lot of people actually edit these files manually though, it is far more common for people to use edit mode or the workbench to change these files.

tl;dr; yes, ProffieOS will always write in the new format, it can still read the old format though.

Thanks, as that is very helpful.

Will the header and footer data have any implication on the preset changes done via Edit Mode or Workbench, i.e., will all the preset’s settings be found in the same 5 lines it is today on the Presets.ini file?

I’ll revisit the Save State thread now to learn more about what exactly will go in the header and footer. Thanks.

The existing arguments are unchanged, although we are adding new arguments in OS7 so the exact argument list will now be longer. Visit pre-alpha thread for new arguments: ProffieOS 7.x pre-alpha discussion

Thanks Fett. So, essentially, in the future, if one wanted to copy a preset, they can still copy/paste the 5 lines for that preset in presets.ini and it will contain all of the settings for that preset, i.e., the header and footer data will not implicate the presets?

I’ll check pre-alpha discussion out. Thanks!

Yes, although number of lines in a preset is dependent on number of blades :wink:

Of course, pardon me.

So, all this hoopla regarding save state presets.ini implication will end up just needing a deletion of a few lines before and after presets when making any edits to that file.

Thanks for all the help thus far.