Preoff sounds?

I’m trying to figure out a way to easily have the retraction animation on the blade only go for part of the end of the off sound. I don’t think they do, but just to make sure, preoffs don’t exist, right? Because I could chop the sounds up and get the effect I want pretty easily if they did.

preoff is not a thing, no.
I answered you on Discord, but for others reading, here’s a simple solution:

Add a delay before the retraction animation.
For example:
If your OUT-IN (retraction) part of the InOutTrL is currently TrWipe<600>, as in

You can use a TrConcat sequence instead of just the WipeIn, inserting a TrDelay to occur first, like this:

Before OS7, the TrConcat template would need a color between the transitions, so you could add one with level zero transparency to “cheat”. It fulfills the template requirement, but is an invisible element. Like this:

I ended up editing down the in sounds to be shorter for the font on this preset. However, this delay stuff came in handy for a different font that I didn’t want to edit. Thank you again for your help.

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