POV help please

Hi all,

so I was reading through some of the capabilities that the OS has and I’d like to have a go at POV.
according to the documentation the programs provided (to convert the image) only run on MAC or LINUX.
is there a program that you could use for windows to achieve this?

also, once I’ve converted my picture how do I enter this into the blade style on my config?

I’ve done some hunting around and only found some basic information on this so am a bit stumped on how to implement this capability.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s a POSIX program. Probably the easiest way to run it on windows is to use cygwin32 to compile and run it.

Once you run it, you get a bunch of data which you can use to replace the POV data.
I would put it in a .h file in styles/ and then change the include here:

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thank you, i will have a play and see how it goes.