Post Off effects interfering with Off Behavior

Just started messing around with a new SK-IG. The chamber is backlit by two 10-led accent strips which I want to perform Off Behaviors while idle. I created a blade style using the Fett263 editor which works fine until I retract the blade. When this happens, the Off Behavior, for example, KIIT Scanner, is only active for the duration of the Post Off effects. For some reason they seem to be linked. The crystal’s blade style is not affected by this as its Off Behavior works fine. Additionally, when the Post Off effects go away, the accent strips are dimly lit on certain pixels. Not sure how that is related, but it only happens with this specific blade style. Any help is appreciated.

starkiller_config.h (88.9 KB)
Above is the config, the style I’m having trouble with is under bank.4 Red, and it is the fourth style down.

I need the comment/copyright section that is provided by the library. You need to keep that with the style code. I can’t troubleshoot without it.
Also, if you’re planning to use any editing capabilities I wouldn’t recommend mixing OS5 and OS6 styles in a single preset as they are very different.

sk_style.txt (1.8 KB)

Gotcha, here it is

There’s no Postoff effect in that style, runs as expected for me.

Also you can just copy the contents of the file and paste into the post using the three tick marks “```” going forward.

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The postoff effects seem to be on all of the styles. I’m not too familiar with proffie yet, is there a way to make postoff effects universal for all of the styles? If not, should i try changing out the other styles to newer ones without postoff effects?

Each blade has it’s own style in each preset, there’s no “universal” post off. If it’s in the style for that blade for that preset it will run, if not it won’t. Just build the styles how you want them to run, but I would recommend switching to all OS6 styles in a preset over mixing OS5 and OS6.

Okay, I’ll try changing them all to OS6 styles. Hopefully that solves the problem.

If not, just post the code with the comments so I can look. The comments/copyright generated by the library does not affect space on the board and contains a lot of necessary info for use and troubleshooting the code so it’s recommended you keep it together. That’s why the library generated it in the first place.

Could it be a hardware issue with wiring? I switched all the styles to OS6 and removed all postoff effects on the preset now, and the off behavior won’t activate at all. I just don’t know why the off behavior would be linked to the postoff effects timer.

From top to bottom, style order is main blade, crystal accent, board accent, chamber backlighting
Here’s the preset:

sk_red.txt (11.7 KB)

Gonna need a video or something, there’s no post off effects in any of those styles and nothing in the code that would affect off behavior so need to see what it’s actually doing. Do you have IDLE_OFF_TIME set?

I can dm you a video on discord. Idle is set to IDLE_OFF_TIME 60 * 10 * 1000

Your video looks like you’re sharing a pin with other blades so it’s turning off power. Post your config, use the three tick marks instead of making us download files.

Like this