Post Counter thingy in threads... Disable?

Hey @profezzorn ! Is there a way to disable the Post Counter/Post Position thingy that pops up on the lower right hand corner?

I usually only use my computer to read forums, but happen to be on a phone tonight and I keep hitting the counter thingy.

I’m not aware of a way to turn that off I’m afraid.
Discourse is still pretty new to me, so there might be something.
You could go look on and see if you find anything.
Maybe there is a plugin or something I could install…


Thanks anyway, something in the long thread keeps jerking the URL Bar down when I pause to read a post. I figured it might be that counter thingy or perhaps an ad or something which has happened to me in other forums on a phone.

Discourse is a fairly modern framework, which means a lot is going on in CSS and javascript. In addition I have selected a very large background picture, which probably doesn’t help.

Still works fairly well on my Pixel XL, which is pretty old by now though…