Possibility of dropping proffie in place of a xenopixel

Title is basically it, I want to get a Proffie saber setup, but the saber I am interested in (Pre-Order Xenopixel – Level Up LightSaber) is a xenopixel.

From what I can tell, the xeno board looks larger, so I think my main question is if there are any electronics incompatibilities such as with a xeno’s neopixel blade? Soldering isn’t an issue, been doing that since [sobs in feeling old].

Short answer is that I have no idea, but it’s likely that they use fairly standard switches, leds and wiring, which would make a proffieboard work just fine.

I how found more things which strongly suggest yes as well. Now I just need to figure out my Proffie board source.

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Yeah I have a AusSaber and the internals are the same chassis. My incendius comes with both proffie and xenopixel. In fact you can buy the proffie kit from Vire Sabers for 115 and you don’t need to solder it.