Playing with spin.wavs

Before I found what’s been previously discussed on the subject (Rebel Armory) and before I looked at a few fontmakers’ spin.wavs in Audacity, I just assumed spins acted like smoothswing pairs/hums, so that’s how I treated them—like a short, looping sound. I didn’t realize the prevailing idea was more akin to a slash sound or accent swings, so this is the result of my tinkering prior to that. Having said that, I think it came out pretty decent. I’ve been working on this font and a spin for Jesse’s Thunder God (Thor). After tweaking and playing around with the length of the sound file, this (0.6–0.65 sec.) seems like a decent compromise between spin start/stop times and length of the wav file. My one tiny complaint is that maybe the spin sound starts too early because when I’m playing around with my saber, I do lots of 360s apparently, which trigger the swing.wav. Minor in the extreme, though, like I said, because once you go into a “flow” the spin takes over as long as you can sustain it, and it’s pretty damn fun.

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You do know you can adjust that right?

If #define ENABLE_SPINS is defined:
Number of degrees the blade must travel while staying above the
swing threshold in order to trigger a spin sound.

That said, I get the feeling that if you , let’s say, doubled it to 720, then your spin sounds would likely need to double in duration so they carry on long enough until the next one is triggered.

Unless we start handling spins differently altogether at some point…

I think there was discussion of treating them as like a smoothswing2, where once the SpinDegrees is achieved, for as long as we’re above the swing threshold, the spin sound would be mixed in.
Although that would either mean constantly using 2 more wav players for a not-so-often used feature, or if the smoothswings (normal) could be REPLACED with the spins, then it’s probably feasible?

Mr. Sloppy, I keep trying to tell you how stupid I am, but I don’t think you believe me. I just kinda muddle through everything until it does what I want most of the time while trying not to bug you guys too much.

Where do I change the values? The config.ini file? I will def keep tweaking. It could be perfect, with some work, I think. Thor’s hammer twirl is the bomb.

Yes. The font’s config.ini

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this is how it’s supposed to work. well done.

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