Pixel blade flickers but does not ignite

The blade has been tested in another saber so I know it is good. The sounds all work but no blade ignition. Checked and getting power, battery is charged. Below is a short video of the issue…

Thanks in advance!

Need to see your config file to be able to help.

Do you see data on the data line when the blade should be on?
Set multimeter to AC and watch for small activity. Should be gone when blade turned off.

Have you tried running off a different data pad instead for testing?

Is the blade seating all the way down and contacting the pins? Blade tube sizes and emitter inner diameters can vary quite a bit, and if a blade has been sanded to fit a tight, short emitter and then you put it in a deeper emitter, it can feel like it’s all the way in before it actually is. Worth double-checking so you can at least eliminate it from the enquiry so to speak.

It could be that the blade isn’t getting power.
The flash could be some leaching of power from the data line.

I will test when I get home from work… Thank you for the link!

my_saber1.h (2.2 KB)
Here is my config… Used the generator and did a basic config to test with.

Well the configuration looks harmless enough, which makes it fairly likely that this is a wiring or hardware problem of some sort.

Thanks for checking… I will troubleshoot the data line as was suggested earlier.

Here are some pages that might help: