Phantom Pre-set Profile 7.8


I upgraded to Proffie 7.8 a week ago or so. For some strange reason my seventh pre-set, a Qui Gon font, has duplicated (it’s now my 7th and 8th font). I checked the config file and the Qui preset is not duplicated. It should go 7th - Qui 8th - Maul. I haven’t a clue how this happened.

I re-flashed the board, SAME THING! Thoughts?

Post your config

mysabertim.h (138.6 KB)


I just posted my config as a separate reply instead of replying right to you. Sorry, I blame ADHD and PTSD. Let me know if you have trouble opening.

I don’t see anything in the config, so not sure why it would remain when you reflash, are you sure you successfully uploaded? If you delete presets.ini and presets.tmp from your SD card does it still appear?

Since you’re using my prop I highly recommend reading through the controls and defines, my guess is you are triggering the Copy Preset control unintentionally but that wouldn’t explain why it remains after an upload unless you didn’t successfully upload.

There are multiple new defines that will let you disable features you don’t want to use so you don’t accidentally trigger, too many to list so review the above page -or- use my config tool and select the options you want or don’t want, it will generate a complete config AND allow you to print a custom Control/Button document with the exact controls for your saber based on what you choose:

You’re probably right. I may have inadvertently copied the preset while fussing with the saber. As far as the re-flash… I didn’t get any error codes so unless it didn’t finish for some reason. I’ll try to re-flash again and see what happens before I start deleting anything form the SD. Thanks Fett!