Pc programming drivers

I can’t get my proffie to up date the drivers. I have tired everything. It don’t have “USB Serial Device” or “USB composite device” it just says that as the driver details. When I reflash it it come up Guillemot as the driver. And this if I get it update it’s says this =C:WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\winusb.sys

I have installed it and just can’t seem to get anything to work, I have deleted the Guillemot drivers and still can’t get it to update. I deleted the drivers too. The port is always grayed out in arduino

Help please

HI Aapierce1990,

the advise in this video has got me out of the throws of what you are experiencing.

it’s a long video but it’s important you follow all the instructions.

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The guillemot driver is actually for some joystick or racing wheel, unfortunately their driver aggressively takes over the DFU USB ID making all other programming tools not work. Unless you really need it, uninstall the offending joystick/racing wheel driver.

Did you delete these folders?

C:\Program Files\Guillemot
C:\Program Files(x86)\Guillemot

It should be enough to uninstall the driver from settings → “Add/remove programs”, it’s not malware, just not very well written.

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