PC/proffie web usb not recognising proffie

Hello all,

Recently received my first proffie (secondhand 89 sabers) I’ve read alot of guides and watched alot of videos to do some basic font uploading using the web usb proffie os, however no matter what I do I cannot get it to recognise the board when plugged in?! I am:
Using a data cable
Have updated the driver on zadig
Have Arduino installed with proffieOS
Have used the boot and reset buttons for zadig to recognise STM32 bootloader
However the web USB still can’t find any compatible device, I feel I must be missing something obvious here?!

For WebUSB to work, you need to upload with a USB type that includes it being selected in Arduino.
For example:
Tools>USB Type>Serial + WebUSB

After successfully uploading with that set, all should be as expected.

Thanks buddy, forgot to add that I had also changed to serial + usb.
On further investigation I think i’m not actually uploading the board as I thought.
is there a reason why on my arduino the ‘CONFIG_FILE’ is in red when all the tutorials I see show it in black?

The color of CONFIG_FILE will depend on the editor and it’s theme selection, so it will vary a lot. Focus on the characters to make sure they look correct.

If you think it’s not uploading, this is generally the place to start reading:

So after a bit more digging I think the root of my problem is actually Zadig!
When I hit replace driver on the STM32 BOOTLOADER it says driver has been succesfully installed, however the driver on the left doesn’t actually change to the driver on the right?!

I would find STM32 BOOTLOADER in Devices and Printers, goto properties and delete the driver completely.
Then use this instead of Zadig and see what happens:

Thanks buddy would you mind explaining how to use that program? I can’t seem to get anything to open?

You should just download the link and run it, that’s it. It just does it’s thing, no interactive user input needed (other than installing it)

I see! I have it installed but still getting the ‘cannot open dfu device 0483:df11’ :grimacing:

How do I delete the driver from properties? Is it ‘disable device’?

Thank you all, uninstalling the driver solved my problem and I am up and running! :partying_face:

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