OWK2 Knight master chassis Proffie Config file

So i purchased everything for a Master Chassis Build for OWK2. It constists of a Crystal Chamber and 6 (3 & 3) pixels mounted inside the hilt. the 6 pixels have a program to it. i can figure out how to wire it using the diagram on fredric.hubbe.net / proffie v.2.
what i’m wanting help with is the config file. i know my config needs to show 3 blades. using the blade styles on fetts263 OS6 or OS7. my previous config files i woud just copy the style code and add it nder neath the same code. the programing of the 3 and 3 pixels looks like i’m having to add 3 huge generated codes for 1 preset. I’ve attached an os6 and os7 config. these are not complete althogh the os7 is from fetts config generator sorta

long story short. anyone have the owk2 knight proffie config file ? lol

thanks in advance

OWK2_os6_config.h (15.2 KB)
OWK2_os7_config.h (10.2 KB)

I’m sorry Professorn
I just saw your “```” post.
If you need me to do it I will.

Are you sure you don’t want 4 blades?
Each of the groups of three pixels in the crystal chamber can be separated into it’s own blade using subblade(), although I’m not sure if that’s what you want or not.

That’s fairly normal, also whenever you use the same style, it doesn’t really take up more memory.

While it’s possible that someone will have a config file that will work for you, I do not. However, I may be able to help you make your config file work the way you want, but in order to do so I would need to know what you are actually struggling with right now.

I haven’t even soldered the board yet. 4 blades makes sense but I did generate a config file with 3 different styles. Per sound font. 1. Main blade 2. Sequenced for the pixel strips 3. For the chamber.
Took a few hours to create but I’m crossing my fingers

The proffieboard is in the mail being delivered today. Using data 1, 2, & 4.

How can you generate 4 blades on the hubb? Thought there’s only 3 tabs to generate the blade config. Would I just copy and paste the same info next to the 6 pixel accent and change them to 3 pixels ?

Thanks for the input :+1:

FWIW, it won’t give you a neat wiring diagram like Fredrik’s, but ProffieConfig can help with setting up the blades and making sure the config is set up how it’s supposed to be. Does the generation for you just the same, and you can export it if you want to go the manual route, but it can also take care of the whole flashing process too.

(And it’ll do as many blades as your heart desires, and you can import the config from Fredriks site as a starting point :slight_smile: )

There isn’t a way to generate a config file that exactly matches your configuration on my site.
I would probably just start with setting it up for three blades, and once you have that working (but before you spend significant amount of time tweaking everything), read up on how to use subblade() to split one of your blades into two blades. If you have trouble, just post your (working) config here and we can help you do it.


thank you for the app. i’ve already created a config file for this master chassis. but if i have any issues i’ll play with the software

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Ah, gotcha, guess I misunderstood.