OS6 library

Hello gang I love the iOS 6 library and I like the idea of the combinations and having to count so you can save space this question is for Fernando is there a possibility that you could program a reverse of styles into the library so if we have like old pants that are not in your library we can reverse it the library will read it and check out the bytes that way we can set up the parameter better for the capacity of the board just an idea

Not sure I understand the question. I have a backlog of OS5 styles to convert to OS6 so if there’s older styles they’ll eventually be added when I get around to it. If you can’t wait you’d need to convert yourself using the Style Editor.

The library can’t tell you memory used, see here:

Señor. Waiting is not a problem for me. This is all new to me and I feel damn proud that at 55 I have been able to learn so much in a short period of time. Maybe my question was not composed correctly because English is not my first language. “ LOST IN TRANSELATION” should be the correct phrase.
I’m dealing with many factors that I have self thought myself by watching videos and reading from different resources. It’s a learning curve like you mentioned in your video. You started knowing anything and slowly you have reached success.
I am a combat vet and suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression and panic attacks.
This hobby has worked as a therapy to control my anger management and aggressive character. Sometimes, people answer questions a little rough for me and I bite my tongue to avoid a toxic conversation. All I seek out is help, help provided from the heart and because of obligation. You and have corresponded before and honestly, you come across a different person than from the videos. Sorry I had to express myself but I’m getting tired of being roughed around by the different “support groups”. If this is not received well by you or anyone else, remove from the group. I will try to get my help somewhere else.
You all have a good Sunday
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Not sure how to respond, I think the language difference could be a factor because I don’t know how my reply would be “roughing” you up. I build the library and styles in my free time and try to make everything easier for all users BUT I am one person serving a community, so my answer for any “special request” is when I have time. If that “hurts” your feelings then I guess I’m sorry I didn’t invent cloning yet, I’ll get to that when I have time too :wink:.
And yes, there’s always a tinge of sarcasm in my answers, if you’re offended or miss it and jump immediately to feeling like you’re"being attacked" maybe take a breath and re-read with the expectation of a “tongue in cheek” answer rather than someone looking to be combative. A sense of humor will do you well in all aspects of life, no matter your age.

Ok. I’m going to keep this as civil as I can.
*First, it wasn’t a special request, it was a possible idea or suggestion for you as the creator. It’s not for your library but for styles that are from other font makers, so they can match your new OS. Maybe by me putting it down in writing may not be clear for you.
*Second, my hat off to you for making such an amazing platform. I all is respect for your passion and commitment to the community.
*Third, I prefer to get the information that I need from the right source. In this case You and Fredrick.There’s is Nobody better than the creators to get the right answers.
*Fourth, COMBATIVE…me? There is no need for that. I know how and when to pick my wars and battles. It is not the time or the place or any reason to be COMBATIVE. I left my fighting days (military/martial arts/shooting range) for this…Lightsabers!
I will stick to questions and I will gladly accept the answer…sarcasm or no sarcasm. I’m a professional grown man and will keep my bearings for my own mental health.
Have a nice Sunday and let be good to each other.

I think the request is to be able to paste in an existing, non-os6-ified style, and have the library use it as the base for which then options, argification etc… would be built upon.

Definitely something getting lost in translation, at any rate, nothing that I wrote was “combative” in my reply but your response made it seem like thought it was, so my follow up was that before you think anything I write is “combative” I suggested you re-read with the understanding that it’s meant to be sarcastic or joking never “combative” but we’ll run around in circles on this seeing as both points were missed. At any rate, I do this all for fun, and even my replies are meant in fun, I can’t control how people react or receive.

Since I said I didn’t understand your original question I couldn’t fully answer so I was looking for a rewording, which is what NoSloppy just added.

So, if you’re asking about the library being able to read and modify code that it didn’t generate, the answer is unfortunately “No”. There’s a ton of reasons for this, but basically every style in my library is built a specific way to allow the library to combine and change the code based on what you choose. I have no way to account for how somebody else built their style and I don’t have time to manually break apart someone else’s style code to convert it to a format that both supports OS6 variables and fits into the syntax the library needs. The Editor can do the “Argify” for you, like I said in the original reply, the library cannot take in code from outside of itself.
There is also a lot to consider in building code for editing in OS6, there isn’t a 1 to 1 translation of old style code to OS6, every style I convert to OS6 format is done manually to accomplish specific editing. It would really be up to whoever wrote the original style to do this conversion. Every OS5 style I convert takes me a lot of time, hence the backlog, and that’s on code I wrote.
And going all the way back, you specifically called me out, by first name to ask me for something you wanted, at least in my language, that’s a “special request” but it’s water under the bridge, take what I write however you want just know my intended tone and message is always meant to be taken with a little bit of my sense of humor mixed in.