OS 6.7 Lightning Block SA22C Battle Mode not working

Using SA22C prop, lightning block doesnt work in battle mode. Should be double click and hold pwr. Can someone else try this out?

double click and hold pwr while ON in battle mode

I believe and @Fett263 can correct me if I am wrong you need to run the Fett263 prop for Battle Mode to work effectively and it now has the option of @SA22C buttons. I’m not sure it works the other way around, there was something needing to be edited IIRC.

Also, welcome to The Crucible.

Thank you for the warm welcome, hopefully the solution can be confirmed by someone. Other than that, everything is working flawlessly

This would be why, although I could swear this was addressed a long time ago.
In fact, I messaged sa22c about it 8/15/21, almost a year exactly.

Sa22c added my Battle Mode code in between OS5 & OS6, the version in his prop is Battle Mode 1.0, if you want Battle Mode 2.0 in OS6 use my prop.

FWIW, I merged sa22c’s prop with mine for OS6. Information here:

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