Open source sharing of lightsaber chassis INTEREST THREAD

Hey Peeps.

so this is a thread that I would like to propose for those that are on a budget or who have lightsabers and would like to know where to get files from for there specific lightsabers.

I have 3 lgt sabers and not finding new chassis for them has been difficult so I’m trying to learn how to build a chassis either with 3d rendering software such OpenSCAD or blender and fulfilling the need of my new lightsaber needing a chassis.

plus I would also like a nicer version of the one that I currently have.

my suggestion is to have a new section for this or a sub section or tag within the build threads section.


While thingiverse is a gigantic mess nowadays, it’s still a reasonable place to share 3d designs.
Why not do it there instead of here?

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There’s also

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