One Button or Two?

I have been window shopping online lately for a hilt and noticed that one button hilts seem to be more abundant than two button hilts… so it begs the question.

What do you prefer?

  • One button
  • Two Button

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It depends on the hilt.

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what would be your favourite set up?

i personally like the two button hilt but have been tempted with the one button hilts lately.

Two button is most convenient, but usually single button looks better aesthetically…

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What I wish is that people who make screen-accurate(ish) hilts would spend some more time making more of the “buttons” operable. On a graflex, this means making touch-capable clamp cards and making the graflex slide buttons workable. And I think it would be cool if the knob around the red button could be twisted to control things like volume.

On an OWK, it would be lovely to have a button that was sturdy, twistable, and not interfer with the path for the blade. Plus it would be nice to have channels for wires from the button down to where the board sits. Also, it would be cool to make it easy to hook up the three LEDs near the top.
Alternatively, the red button could be a four-way joystick… :slight_smile:

I also had to make a bunch of modifications to the red button under the slider on my thermal detonator to make it work like an actual button.

Basically, I want lots of buttons, but more importantly: anything that looks likea button should WORK, or I’m going to be put out.


After developing the 1 button for my prop, it made me realize how much better 2 button is. I have always added the second button, even on 1 button hilts but testing my prop just solidified the difference, 2 button only from my point of view.

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@profezzorn i totally agree with what you said about having all the buttons for all the things made workable.
i’d love to create a hilt that has a multi way selector / encoder to perform various tasks.
touch buttons would be very cool too and could give a really sleek look to a saber.

@Fett263 you pointed out the exact reason why i have been on the fence with one button hilts.
they do look nice as it gives a smoother look but remembering all the button press combinations might be a challenge.

Having a knurled thumb screw knob act as blade length adjuster…

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I agree with Fett…one button is a pain as far as the user interface, and with battle mode it’s not that much more convenient for dueling. I always put two on there just for the functionality. You can always go to one button if you have two, but not the other way around.

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Although I like the one button, I prefer 2 button. Mostly because its easier to execute features like blaster-block, drag, lockup, force effects, etc on a 2 button.

1 button setups usually need you to press the button AND do a gesture with it to prompt a certain effect, …which i find annoying to do when actively swinging a saber around.

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